In other areas of Morocco the difficulty wasn’t therefore hopeless

From time to time a classic guy with moving light mustache seems, such as for example some apparition about Bible-a great mendicant holy-man-trudging collectively and chanting ancient hymns with a missing look of beseeching rev­ erie toward his face

In the Meknes, by way of example, a new mellah are depending, enabling the outdated one to be emptied and you will helping at the least a short-term neither­ malization from existence. Within the Fez, new importance of town gave go up so you’re able to a level of pastime and this tore from conditions away from stagna­ tion. During the Tetuan and you may Tangiers, old-established and commendable Jewish communities had was able the newest way of life regarding shared let. However the high issues that was basically described more than was indeed including can be found even yet in the most happy out of mellahs. TUNISIA

Within the Tunis, whose enormous hara sprawled underneath the white domes from Sidi Mehrez, for the Sousse, in Sfax and in Gabes, a similar combat­ ren out-of streets, an identical insanitary criteria, an identical elizabeth life was to be seen

Here the problem are very much the same such as Morocco. Several quicker info indicated that Tunisia was at some indicates more privileged: new walls was basically constantly whitewashed, the new houses greatest built, the newest bedroom big and you may, overall, not very overcrowded. It actually was uncommon within the Tunisia to see defeated earth act as floor, sleep and desk. How­ ever before, this new unpaved roadways laden up with a stool and you can reject turned into new allowed shower enclosures into a curse to your hara. New streets of your hara, like those of the mellah, hummed that have craft: investors and you may craftsmen crouched in their stalls offering and you will and then make everything possible. For the southern Tunisia, one can possibly observe the uncommon civiliza­ tion of troglodytes. Twelve villages, all-in brand new next-door neighbor­

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hood regarding Matmata, had no hara, having here the Jews, such as the Ber­ bers, lived-in caves scooped out from the limestone. The caves was in fact in the form of pits, off whoever deepness a staircase resulted in grand “rooms” install according to needs of one’s nearest and dearest. A massive give in the midst of brand new community supported given that a great synagogue. Another was used as the a reliable. When a home are don’t habitable, your family merely moved on the different cave that were hollowed out by special groups of experts. This type of caves appeared tidy and match, incomparably far better than brand new hovels away from Casablanca and you may Tunis. This particular area out-of Tunisia try the only person in the whole of Northern Africa in which construction prob­ lems was basically unknown. The fresh new isle away from Djerba try various other special exclusion. Right here the fresh new splendor regarding an oasis try together with the appeal off a Mediterranean fishing port. It essential Jewish commu­ nity out-of next to four thousand souls lived-in one or two villages a number of kilometers apart. It absolutely was, you to definitely might state, a Jewish neighborhood inside a pure county, retaining the old life style and you can society nearly entirely unblemished by the often Moslem otherwise Western european influ­ ences. The two towns, Hara Kbira and you may Hara Shgira, strike folks because of the their conditions out-of quality and you will cleanliness; right here the latest open air might be breathed as well as the sky is actually obvious of everywhere. Discover reduced misery, and just what discover try a whole lot more discreetly undetectable; the casual towels, and that appeared to examine the truth is into the exceptional attractiveness of the new area, had been worn here towards self-respect that’s feature of your great nomads of the southern. ALGERIA

In northern Algeria, in which there is certainly none mellah nor hara, area of the levels of the Jewish people were for the Tlem­

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