Following this prohibit, Reginald turned into an outstanding and you may began to discount the fresh new Decks from their competitors immediately following the guy defeat her or him

We know of the very people in this Heartland Academy one Reginald was not simply a talented Duelist, also a good bully. [1] He gotten the fresh moniker “Shark”, because the guy utilized a sea-themed Platform and since the guy torn their opponents’ Decks out of the hands fast in accordance with malice. Even with Shark’s steps, Yuma Tsukumo defended your, when he believes that everybody has done some thing within their early in the day which they regret. [19]

Pre-Business Duel Festival [ change ]

Shark beaten competitors on his university, delivering its Decks when they shed. After defeating Bronk Brick, he came across Yuma Tsukumo, who tried to safeguard Bronk. When asked what his key question are, Yuma advised him it was their chandelier. Shark torn the völlig kostenlose lateinamerikanische Dating-Seiten new pendent out of his neck and you can tossed they aside. Shark confronted your so you’re able to a match, with both Yuma’s and you will Bronk’s Decks at stake. Yuma acknowledged. [1]

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL [ change ]

It Dueled around square, which have Shark quickly gaining a plus which have “Large Mouth area” and you can “Aqua Squirt”. The guy cornered Yuma, but the “Numbers” had been released about door. Shark are owned from the “Amount 17: Leviathan Dragon”, he went on to Xyz Summon. [1] Since the Duel changed, Shark started initially to toy having Yuma, bringing his Lives Issues as a result of a fraction. However, Yuma been able to come out of this with Astral, and you can been able to beat Shark together with “Count 39: Utopia” during the 5000 ATK, and therefore banged Shark aside. When Shark awoke, he gave Yuma Bronk’s Platform, keeping their promise. Shark said that Yuma was unique of anyone he has confronted before and wandered of instead of various other keyword (in the dub, Shark says “You have got a time right up until after that, Yuma”). [17]

A little while following Duel, terms regarding Shark’s defeat pass on around school along with his reputation decrease. Sooner or later, he avoided browsing university and get end Dueling, and is consumed of the a gang added by the Scorch and you may Chills, exactly who hung aside on a deserted arcade. One-night, Shark try driving into their cycle, and avoided once seeing Yuma, watching him ahead of riding out of. [42] One day, when you find yourself Yuma is late to college, Shark drove round the a course for the his motorcycle and you will almost strike Yuma. Immediately following Yuma is belittled from the their family members exactly who accept that their victories more than Shark and you can Flip was indeed because out of his “Numbers”, the guy decided to get a hold of Shark and you will challenge him to help you an excellent rematch, without the need for the help of Astral or their Amounts. When Scorch and you can Chills nearly harm Yuma and his awesome family, however, Shark informed them to stop by saying the guy understands him or her. Following gang help Yuma wade, he confronted Shark, the guy would not Duel since the their earlier in the day loss in order to Yuma triggered your to stop Dueling. Yuma went on so you’re able to pursue Shark and you will irritate him by the asking for good Duel up to the guy accepted, Yuma wager Emperor’s Key towards effects. Yuma failed to use his “Numbers” and you can Shark advised him to do so, assuming a win more Yuma in the place of “Numbers” could be meaningless. Yuma Summoned “Utopia”, which Shark poor having “Friller Shark”. So it assist “Black colored Beam Lancer” negate the effects and you will destroy it, and that happy Astral. Shark claimed which have an immediate assault out of “Submersible Provider Aeo Shark”. Shark took the fresh Emperor’s Trick, however, tossed they on to the ground as he strolled away from after he think of just what Yuma told you about being relatives. In advance of driving away, Shark advised Yuma you to Scorch and you may Chills brings him a location to help you belong and you can informed your never be bother your once more. [13]

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